Building a Lifestyle That Women Find Attractive

Sitting in front of your console all day? Spending your free time watching movies by yourself? Well, if you want to attract women at some point, it’s time you make a change there. We have given you lots of ways to tweak your personality in the past, but it’s time we talked about how you can create a lifestyle that women will find attractive. Let me introduce you to some ways to exhibit your masculine personality traits.

Build Your Social Circle

To become successful with women, become successful with people first. You need to assemble a solid group of friends and acquaintances (you can also join a social circle that’s already established, say, at your workplace – but it’s even better if you assemble your own). To be recognized as a fun and interesting person, bring value to others:

1. Get hobbies that include others (dancing, team sports, boardgames)
2. Have fun stories to tell (read our article on storytelling), always be ready to crack a joke
3. Organize parties or gatherings (e.g. beer after work)

attractive lifestyle

It’s very attractive to women if you’re always surrounded by laughing and smiling people, and it’s even more attractive if you’re the one who throws the parties they go to. You’re establishing yourself as a leader that way, and it’s the guy with leadership qualities that women go for.

Pick your friends carefully: you want happy, easy-going, friendly, confident, reasonable people around you – bitter, insecure, negative drama queens or creepy, desperate losers are chick repellent. Your impression on others is in large part determined by your social circle.

Creativity and ambitions

Everybody is creative deep inside, everybody has passions, ambitions, activities that make them excited and happy. Figure out what yours are, and pursue them: just working 9-5 and then crashing in front of the TV or computer is boring and bleak.

Example:If you play in a band on the side, climb, take photos or create web pages, you signal that you are eager to shape your own reality, take responsibility and follow things through. You are a man with passions and goals, you’re pursuing them and she’ll be excited to share them.

Remember what I said about leading? Your creativity, ambition and pursuit of personal goals communicates that you’re strong and determined – a leader and great caretaker for a woman and her children. It also shows her that you won’t be a burden to her: you’re doing just great on your own, and she has the unique opportunity to join you. You want her in your life, but you don’t need her.

Plus, it gives you lots of nice conversation topics.

Have things going on in your life

This is the logical conclusion from the last part, but it can’t hurt to spell it out again: make sure you get yourself out there and have activities and events going on.

In addition to clubs, go to museums, art galleries, festivals, live gigs, restaurant openings, to the park to play Frisbee, join a theater group, take yoga or dancing classes, or go on a mission to visit every bar in your city and make a map of the most original ones.

The pursuit of health

As you probably know, evolution favors the strong and healthy: it’s always been survival of the fittest, and I think we agree that strong and healthy guys are more likely to attract a woman and pass on their genes.

Women will be into you if you’re strong and healthy.

Do This:
You should get a bike, go to the gym or swim several times a week to stay in shape and fit. Your body is naturally designed for movement, and if it stays still too much, it will get sick. Your healthy lifestyle will show in the gleam on your cheeks, the sparkle in your eyes and the shape of your body.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. In addition to a good regular workout, make sure you eat lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, home-cooked meals, salad, cereal, milk… All the classic healthy food.

Then, you want to get clothes that flatter your body and present it in the best way possible. You know your own body best, you know the sexy and less sexy parts – go get some advice in clothing stores. You also want to walk upright, with your head held high, shoulders back and down: body language that shows strength.

One last thing, stop complaining!

Stop talking about your little itches, illness or other health issues. When people ask you how you are, smile at them and say: “well great, thank you!” So many people will only grunt in response or tell you to not even ask. Don’t be like that.

Creating an attractive lifestyle may take some time, but you’ll reap the rewards: it won’t just make women like you more, but also contribute to your happiness as a man. All the attributes introduced in this article are inherently masculine – they’re in your nature, and they’re attractive to women.