Why Every Woman Tells a Story

A Woman’s Point of View

Depending on where you are along the path – just starting to get your footing with dating post-high school types, or rebounding from a multi-year relationship and feeling like yearling….all wobbly skinny legs and slippery footing….I think some ideas I have will be inspiring, helpful and thought provoking.

I’m going to suggest you become a student of women and this means less about staring at people while on the bench at the mall, and more along the lines becoming a bit of a scholar about your “prey”. Uh huh…I said it and you should do it.


Studying womanhood… in a good way.

Let’s go back, but not that far back, to when I was in college. I dated this man Michael (he has this silly idea of being called Mike now, but never mind that, I refuse)…okay so Michael was like a man’s man and had one of the most damn fine manly bodies, but I’m getting off course and misty eyed. This article is for you. Michael knew women, he studied them I’m pretty sure, he “got” them, and this is the key part…he talked to them…all of them…all the time… every damn woman he came across. The teachers, the babes, the geeks, the nerds, the hotties as I often stood by wanting him to focus all his attention on me and our budding relationship. (See how to get attention from women) Even then I marveled at his way with women.

And, what of that you ask? Well, Michael did very well with women because he truly did like women, all women, all types and even liked to talk to the ones he wasn’t trying to get on top of. (Note from Chris: Read that last line twice guys!) Yes, it’s true, he really appreciated all sorts of stuff about women and I think he learned from all of them, even the types who were masculine and didn’t turn him on in the least. And when you genuinely like being around women for all sorts of reasons, not just sexual ones, you get all sorts of information and experience which you then dig out when you want to connect with a woman romantically or just sexually (and those can be two different things).

The crucial key to succeeding

One last thing, and this is key. You must talk to and appreciate all women, and this means 23 year olds who are cute and bubbly, the housewives in stretchy pants and holiday sweaters (god, I know, even I have a very hard time writing this), the hottie 40-something moms who still have it (and maybe you’re hoping you get some of it…), the girl next door who is 29 and not married — all of them — and appreciate them… how they think, how they feel, how they experience life.

Benefits to YOU

1. Women know instantly when a man is one of “those” who like and get women (see how to understand women) and the walls go down right away and the warmth gets kicked up. This works when it’s the stretchy pants “gals” and when it’s a babe you like.

2. You get uber comfortable chatting up all types which makes you a pro at talking to anyone. Approach anxiety may remain a bit but you’ve worked through it so many times you’re like a professional speaker on the Tony Robbins circuit. You can even skip deodorant you’re so relaxed and anxiety free…. (but please don’t!)

3. When you actually do your whole nonchalant thing and realize its actually someone you might be into, you’re already the seasoned pro and that whole encounter slides forward like its already K-Y’ed.

4. You’re reclassified as an alpha dude who gets women and is completely relaxed with them, unlike the nervous nellies who stammer and stumble. You’ll exude a sort of pro athlete type of charisma, an energy field when you’re around women… which of course draws them to you, relaxes them and gets a whole lot of good energy flowing back at you too.

So, please trust me on this, and enjoy and appreciate all the estrogen around you and make the most of your time with any woman. The payback will come, I promise.