What You Absolute Must Do To Get a Girl To Like You

A simple trick that solves the age old question: “how to get a girl to really like you” is to remember the little details and then casually insert them into your conversation at a later date. The problem is that guys tend to remember larger things and women appreciate the details. Do you remember what she was wearing the first time you saw her? Probably not… but she will.

Getting a girl to like you isn’t just about remembering little details either, it’s also about triggering massive attraction right from the start. One of the gurus on this subject is David DeAngelo, he teaches guys how to create massive attraction in any situation.

All About Attraction

Once you have attraction, and you’re fairly confident about the situation, the easiest way to really have all the details sink in is not to concentrate on remembering the details, but to really be passionate about the situation that you’re in. The more your truly devote yourself to that situation, the more the little details will stick.

how to get a girl to like you

Contrastingly, the more you are aloof and distracted, the more you will miss the subtle little details that show her that you really care. Humans, especially women, need to know that you really care, and being knowledgeable of the little details is one of the best ways to show this. Not to mention, the little details of your relationship are things that only you two share. Not even her best friend will know what she wore on your first date, so if you know, then you’ll be that much more ahead of things.

A fair warning about this… subtle details are great but don’t overdo them. Bring them up if they are appropriate, but sprinkle them throughout your interactions instead of fully using them.

For example, saying: “Hey remember that our first date, when you wore that top and those pants, yeah… I liked those” is really odd and out of place.

getting a girl to like you

Instead, if she happens to wear the same shirt that she wore on your first date, mentioning: “Didn’t you wear that when we first met? That was a good day!” would come off much better.The difference is that one is sincere and natural, the other is manufactured.

Don’t manufacture your comments, let them come to you naturally! It’s the little details that count when you’re trying to get girls to appreciate and like you, remember them and you’ll reap the rewards. The only thing you should be planning is your dates and activities. Read our second date ideas guide for a perfect second date.

Make A Girl Like you

If you have your eye on a special girl and you want to make a girl like you, then you must ask yourself: How can I make myself like me first ? The truth of the matter is, if you truly like yourself, then others will as well.

Are you a fun person to be around ?Make a girl like you a lot
Are you genuine, trustworthy, social ?
When you wake up in the morning, are you happy to be who you have become ?

If the answer to these are yes, then people will naturally be attracted to you and will like you for who you are. The problem lies with people who are unhappy with an aspect of themselves, and then try to cover it up so that people will like them.

Don’t be that guy !

The fastest way to get women to like you is to overcome the part of yourself that you don’t like.

For example, if you’re anti-social, and you just don’t like talking to people… then force yourself to get out of your shell and go socialize with others.

Practice this, live this, and work through it step by step.

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Overcoming Your Shortcomings

One of the most attractive qualities ANYONE can have is to overcome something that was difficult for them. If you’re a shy guy, and you make an effort to go out, then that’s respectable. Same applies to women… Its very attractive to see a woman step out of her normal safe boundaries, trying things that normally would scare her.

Afterwards, once you genuinely like who you’ve become. All you need to do is show the other person who’ve you become.

Of course, you’ll want to do this in a slow, subtle way. No one wants to be around someone who brags all the time. Bragging lowers your value because it puts you in a position of trying to impress someone else.

Once you’re happy with yourself, and that you’re comfortable with where you are in life, everything else will come naturally.

One way to accelerate the process of becoming your ideal self is to hang out with guys who already posses the traits that you desire. If possible, try to find people that have qualities that you lack and hang out with them. Otherwise, if this is not possible, then the next best way is to learn directly from dating gurus like David DeAngelo. David has a great way of describing exactly the things that make a girl to like you.

In the end, you really can’t force anyone to like you, but you certainly can affect what kind of person you are. How to get a girl to like you is simple, ask yourself: Are you going to be a good catch or a loser?