How To (Properly) Flirt With A Woman

You know those scenes in romantic comedies where a character is at a bar and his buddies are trying to get him to go talk to a beautiful woman? And for some reason, the guy is usually taking deep breaths and slamming down shots like a Civil War soldier about to get his leg amputated?

Those scenes are part of the reason why guys tend to have such a hard time flirting with women: they treat flirting like it’s Thunderdome and they’ll be fed to the wolves if they aren’t successful. If you’re doing it right, though, it shouldn’t be stressful. Just look at the word itself: flirting. It’s light! It’s fun! Nobody will be fed to wolves!

The goal is to get a woman smiling. Here are some ways to do it.

Getting a girl to smile is half the battle to successful flirting during a date


Words Alone Won’t Help You

It’s been said that 93% of communication is non-verbal — that is, body language, tone, and facial expressions. [R] This isn’t entirely true; try speaking to a woman for 7 seconds, then spending the next 93 posing and wiggling your eyebrows suggestively. Odds are, you’ll have to explain yourself to the police.

While that statistic is a bit distorted, there is some truth to it. Saying the right words will only get you so far; more often than not, what you say is less important than how you say it.

Body Language

Body language isn’t just how you non-verbally express your interest in a woman — it’s also how women express their interest in you. Surprisingly, 90% of the time, women are the ones initiating a romantic encounter, and they do it through body language. [R] In our article on how to tell a girl you like her, we illustrate an example where a lack of understanding of body language can lead to disaster.

When flirting with a woman, you need to send non-verbal signals that you’re sexually attracted to her; in fact, those are the only signals you should be sending at first. (In other words, do not walk up to a woman and say “I desire a sexual encounter with you, milady.”)

“90% of the time it is women who show signs of interest through body language”

So what are some examples of positive body language?

Making Eye Contact

Eye contact is an easy way to express that you’re interested in her; not only that, it’s an easy way for you to gauge whether she likes you. If she’s not making eye contact, odds are she’s not comfortable or relaxed. [R]

Eye contact is one way of sure what of determining chemistry between you

Importance of Smiling

Smiling can be disarming and help take some of the awkwardness out of the initial encounter. Just be sure not to smile too much or too frequently; at best, she’ll think you’re a simpleton, and at worst, she might think you’re a creep.

A smile can be disarming and help remove awkwardness for a successful date

At the same time try and gauge her smile. Work out if her smile is genuine or fake, this will make it a lot easier to know if she is interested.

Posture & Poise

Good posture conveys assuredness and confidence; in other words, it lets her know that you’re feeling positively about approaching her, which signals that it’s okay for her to feel positively about being approached.

When you meet in person take the right steps to convey confidence through posture

Mirroring Courtship Ritual

According to the Center for Nonverbal Studies, mirroring is a crucial element of the courtship ritual. [R] Examples of mirroring are crossing your legs towards someone after they’ve done the same or taking a drink after she does. But be careful: there’s a thin line between mirroring someone and imitating them.

Mirroring is a crucial element of the courtship ritual.

What You Say Does Matter

Some pickup artists believe that you don’t have to say anything meaningful as long as you tick all the non-verbal boxes, but that should just be yet another example of why nobody should listen to pickup artists. Yes, words alone aren’t enough to successfully flirt with someone, but you can’t just grunt your way through it, either.

Keep It Light & Fun

Remember, this isn’t a do-or-die situation; it’s a conversation with a pretty woman. It should be fun, so have fun with it! Keep the conversation breezy — don’t immediately jump into your thoughts on nuclear proliferation as an icebreaker. In fact, don’t ever jump into your thoughts on nuclear proliferation unless she asks about them.

A successful date starts with conversations that are light, fun and breezy

You want to come across as “cocky but funny,” but don’t overdo it. Women are as turned off by an “I’m doing you a favor by talking to you” attitude as they are by a “I don’t deserve to talk to you” one. Don’t think of “cocky” in the sense of an ‘80’s movie bully; instead, think of it more as a mildly-exaggerated sense of confidence. (And don’t tell her to “smile more” — women hate that.)

Tease Her (But Don’t “Neg”)

Playful teasing is a great way to break the ice and get her smiling and laughing. If she says something like “My friends sent me to the bar to get their drinks,” you can respond with “Jeez, sounds like they needed a break from you!” The key here is the non-verbal portion, so do it with a smile to let her know you’re joking.

One good piece of advice is to tease her while chatting

Make sure not to overdo the teasing, though; you’re trying to flirt with her, not roast her at the Friar’s Club. Speaking of which, you may be familiar with the term “negging.” If not, here’s how Wikipedia describes it: [R]

“Negging is a rhetorical strategy whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise insulting remark to another person in order to undermine their confidence in a way that gains approval.”

Why anyone would think the key to winning a woman’s affections is to make her feel like crap is beyond me, but for some reason, some people put a lot of stock in this idea. Don’t be one of those people — negging is a gross and demeaning practice, and more importantly, it doesn’t work. [R]

Source: Taylor & Francis partner desire study

The case study demonstrates that “sensitivity” is the second most desired characteristic in married women, with “honesty & trustworthiness” in first place… polar opposite characteristics to negging.

Don’t Compliment Her (At First)

One of the rules is not compliment her right away, she already knows you are interested

A lot of guys think they have to compliment a woman to make it extra-clear that yes, they do find her sexually attractive. While your honesty is certainly appreciated, it’s also overkill; she already knows that based solely on the fact that you’re approaching her.

Part of the fun of flirting is the implicit admission that each person finds the other attractive. Explicitly stating it is like handing someone a birthday present and announcing “It’s a book” before they can open it — it takes all the mystery out of the encounter.

A Note About Confidence

Many people struggle with flirting because they think they lack the self-assuredness to effectively pull it off. It’s true that these tips really only work if you present yourself as confident; otherwise, the results will be less than stellar. (Probably somewhere between “awkward” and “nightmarish,” if I had to ballpark it.)

Now, this would ordinarily be where I’d divulge some extremely simple method that would magically instill you with boundless confidence. Unfortunately, that’s not how confidence works; it’s just one of those things that comes with time and, yes, practice. If you’re lacking in confidence, all you can do is fake it ‘til you make it.

Q: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”
A: “Practice, practice, practice.”

It may feel a little disingenuous at first, but I assure you, it isn’t. Confidence doesn’t come naturally to anyone, and everybody has had to pretend to be confident at some point in their lives. Some just start the process earlier than others. The more you fake it, the less you’ll need to fake it. Using this guide will help you flirt and seduce with confidence and, most importantly, have fun doing it while you learn.

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