How To Get The Attention You Desire From People Around You

Next time you walk down the street, take a moment to observe those around you. See who it is that your eyes are drawn to, which people gather your attention the most.

Now look at the rest of the people around you – who’s pulling their attention? Where are their eyes gazing?

Inevitably, you will find that there are certain people who instinctively draw the attention of everyone. What is it about these characters that help them stand out in any crowd? And what can you do to make sure that you’re one of those people?

Appearance Draws Attention

Possibly the easiest way to stand out in a crowd is through your appearance. Look in the mirror and take note of the person you see. Does this person have anything about them that draws attention? No? Well then, how can you fix that? The easiest way to ensure that people take notice is to be different. Physically, this can manifest in dressing differently from those around you. You may notice that a lot of people tend to dress in a t-shirt and jeans or a shirt and pants, usually with very drab colours. Read how to look good for men and good first impressions.

Try doing the opposite – infuse colour into your life, wear clothes that are bright and outrageous, things you would not normally see. Dye your hair, wear coloured contacts, do whatever you can to set yourself apart from the sea of mundanity out there.

The guy in the pink hat

Of course, your appearance is merely one path to attract attention. After all, you don’t want to simply be known as “that guy with the pink hat” or “the guy with the coloured hair”. You want to have people pay attention to your personality and pick up on the fact that yes, this guy is awesome. Begin by talking louder than you usually would. If you think you’re talking loudly already, you’re not. You want to be projecting a booming voice – most people resist doing this as they’re constantly being self-conscious about what they’re saying. Instead, think of your words as an outlet for others to get entertainment from.

After all, how many times have you quietly listened in on a conversation because you found it entertaining?

Humor that gets you noticed

Next, develop a sense of humor. Figure out what makes people laugh and utilize it in your everyday conversation. Humor is not the specific jokes that you make but rather in the delivery. Practice making simple comments in ways that can be construed as entertaining or humorous and watch as people start to pay more attention to you. Read how to be funny with women and how to make women laugh.

Most girls say that they’re attracted to funny people with a good sense of humor. Once you master the art of comedic timing, people will begin to notice how much others laugh in response to you and react to your jokes, making you easily stand out as someone who brings a good time to others.

Being a leader of men

One other thing you can do is establish yourself as the leader of your friends. Being seen as the lead male of a group can be insanely attractive and can get you lots of attention from the opposite sex. The role of a leader is also innately one where you will have a lot of attention directed towards you. People are not oblivious to these nuances of social dynamics and when they clearly see that others respect your opinion and follow your advice, you will be sure to stand out from the pack. People want to be led and are thus constantly looking for people to lead them. Become that leader and watch as people start to listen to you simply because you are the one who ensures that everyone has a good time.

With a few simple changes, anyone can get attention from women that they desire. Physically changing your appearance to be more noticeable and different can have immediate effects but it will also lead to people forming judgments of you without you ever opening your mouth.

An alternative is for you to begin developing those traits that will make those around you focus more on you. If your voice is louder than everyone else’s and you make people laugh, people will naturally tend to focus on you, and if you are seen as someone who others can look up to, people will pick up on these subtle social cues and start to give you that attention you desire.