Learn How to Look Good For Men

Listen, if you really to know how to look good, just take a look around you and notice what you like in people. Then, notice the trends… you’ll start noticing that most good looking people have similarities that go beyond just what kind of shoes they are wearing. (although that’s important too)

I think many of us have been trained to look for the wrong things when we think of looks. It’s likely that you have an incorrect illusions about what you need to do in order to look good… but it’s not your fault. Magazines, media and friends have all forced their ideas about what beauty should be and what it shouldn’t… and with a little repetition, those notions kind of just ‘sink in’.

While the fashion industry’s notion of beauty is wrong. The movie industry? Well… they sometimes get it, but I suspect that’s just the natural beauty of the actor or actress revealing itself.

looking good

In order to look good for the opposite sex, you must appeal to their desires.

If they desire you, then by definition, you are attractive to them. (See how to make her desire you)For example, women that appear slightly more revealing and easy going are usually seen as more attractive. “Of course!” you say, everyone knows that… but it’s the WHY that’s interesting. When women are more revealing, men have an easier time processing the idea that they could sleep with them… they just seem easier because they are closer to having less clothes! The clothes teases the mind, making the guy imagine what could possibly be behind.

This makes the woman seem much more fertile and therefore more attractive, on an instinctive level. To further this, the reason guys prefer women that wear heals is because they are already on their way to bending over forward, if ever so slightly. Subconsciously, they seem easier to sleep with to men because of the way they are positioned. As an added bonus, they appear taller, more slender and more submissive (this is the important one). The more submissive the woman, the more attractive she is to a man. Although I’ve seen women do crazy stuff on heels… they are usually more fragile and unstable, which is attractive to men. Read about being an alpha male for some notes on why this is.

So now… how can MEN LOOK GOOD ?

Well, for one, in order to be attractive to a woman, you must seem like a good mate. When she sees you, she must FEEL (not think… feel) that you are healthy, clean and dominant.

What are the indicators that you are a good mate?
Well, according to scientists that have studied beauty, symmetrical features (meaning your eyes, ears and eyebrows are at the same level on your face) is the biggest factor.

Great to know… but in my experience, that’s only a tiny factor.

What really makes you look good depends on a huge array of variables. This huge list really isn’t practical so I have summarized it for you, retaining only the most important aspects of physical beauty for men.

First, the general body appearance. Our minds have been programmed to associate smoothness with clean, healthy and properly maintained. That’s why, the most important thing you can do is to have smooth, non-wrinkled clothes.

If you’re a guy, and you don’t iron your clothes on a daily basis, then make sure you change that immediately.

When we see nice smooth, nice curves, we automatically associate beauty. That’s why Yoga sports wear looks so hot on women. That’s why, when you first buy clothes, it looks amazing. Once you wear it 2-3 times and it gets wrinkled, it loses it’s attraction.

Similarly, the same concept applies to cars. I know it’s a stretch, but imagine a wrinkled car… then imagine it brand new. Big difference right? The same thing applies to you and your clothes!


However, even if you iron you clothes and it looks smooth BEFORE you put it on… then that doesn’t mean it will look good WHILE you’re wearing it.

Your clothes has to look smooth and wrinkle free while you’re wearing it! That’s why guys look so good in brand new suits, they don’t have any wrinkles!

Some clothes are more prone to wrinkling than others… for example, if you own any baggy clothes, it won’t be smooth when you wear it. Baggy clothes form lumps of fabric and therefore, is horrible for smoothness. This is why fit shirts are much more attractive than loose shirts. The tighter fitting shirts will create a smoother surface as it curves around your body. This has NOTHING to do with being muscular, slim or even overweight. In fact, being slim and wearing baggy clothes is probably the worse thing you can do.

Same thing goes for pants, make sure they are completely wrinkle free and that they form smooth curves. Once again, this is why dress pants with a suit look the best… However, since most of you are going to be wearing jeans during the day, just make sure they are wrinkle free and they look new!

Note: An extra tip for jeans. Notice the back pocket. There’s usually a design on it. The nicer the design, the ‘hotter’ your jeans look. People don’t consciously notice this… but subconsciously, they do.


Second, make sure you have nice shoes. The most important thing is that the shoes are CLEAN and smooth. That’s why a lot of sneakers are generally regarded as non-attractive… it’s because of the laces and bumps on the shoes! (and that’s why super smooth sneakers are worth 300$) So when getting shoes, make sure you have smooth curves and that they are CLEAN! Brand new 40$ shoes will be more attractive than 200$ shoes that are 1 year old!

Health Indicators

Then nails, make sure your nails are trimmed. Women DO notice this and it’s a huge health indicator. They usually pay so much attention to their nails that they’ll end up checking out yours as well. Just make sure they are properly cut and trimmed.

Then we have hair… this is a big one. It’s VERY important to be very well groomed in this area as it represents (often very accurately) how much you take care of yourself. The worse being when you have a lot of hair in the back of your neck. It’s not the haircut that matters, but rather how recently it was done. When your hair is freshly cut, you instantly look better!

A general rule of thumb would be to get your hair cut every 4 weeks.

As for facial hair, make sure you maintain it daily! This is another huge health indicator. If you have any facial hair, it needs to be trimmed and/or shaved every single day. Trim those sideburns so they aren’t puffy!

Healthy Skin

Your skin is a huge health indicator as well. These days, getting a little sun will go a long way. Make sure you get enough sleep and get some sunlight every day. You don’t need to be tanned, but you need to look as if you go outside on a daily basis. Also, it’s usually a good idea to reveal a bit of skin. This makes you a more likely mate because you’re almost undressed! Skin is hot.

Then we have body posture. Body posture is a huge health indicator that women pick up on all the time. Don’t waste your time thinking about body posture because there’s only one way to fix it: Go to the gym. Seriously. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for your appearance.

Finally, the more dominant you are as a guy, the more attractive you will appear to women. Remember how I mentioned that submissive women are attractive? Well, it’s the opposite for guys. That’s why bigger guys can be very attractive to girls. When you’re dominant, you’re laid back and you feel huge. Don’t make the mistake of being angry… because then you look like a small barking dog.

The dominant guy will talk with a deep voice, move slowly and he’ll be there to protect others in the event of an emergency. Keep that in mind, assume the role of the dominant male and you’ll be regarded as hot by women. Knowing how to look good isn’t hard, but it’s something you have to work at on a consistent basis. Constant haircuts, trimming, new shoes and wrinkle free clothes are time consuming, but the rewards are worth it!