Discover How To Make A Girl Want You

If the biggest problem that you’re encountering is how to make a girl want you, then you’re at the right place. It’s likely that you feel that women don’t usually like you when they meet you… and that somehow you have to convince them to like you in return. This simply isn’t true! You never have to convince anyone to like you. This fallacy has propelled men into trying to ‘win over’ women, as seen in so many Hollywood movies.
girl magnet

The general rule is that women are attracted as much as men to new people they meet throughout their lives. Its just that most women are used to being approached, so they won’t be as pro-active about talking to a guy they like. For men, its a different story. We must learn how to talk to girls!

They are used to being ignored by women, and that further propels the myth that women aren’t attracted to men. So with that frame of mind, they approach and converse with women with the “I need to make her like me” mindset. This is awful !

Assume Girls Want You

There is nothing worse than a person that is “Trying to make you like him!”

The first rule to getting someone to like you is to be at LEAST their equal in terms of status. A healthy relationship has both partners doing things for each other. One partner might work while the other raises the kids, one might cook and the other might build the deck and so on.

However, this is often taken out of context. If you’re at a bar, and a girl asks you to buy her a drink. She’s testing you to see if you’ll do as she bids. Why WOULD you buy her a drink ? The only context that this might be socially acceptable would be if the guy proposed: “hey, let’s get some drinks and then he casually bought hers.” By the way, if ever in doubt if you should pay or not when ordering something together… then pay.

Teasing and Flirting

The second rule of getting a girl to want you is to tease her! Teasing done right is flirting. If you’ve ever seen a cat jump viciously at a ball of string dangling from a height, then you’ll know how teasing works. It’s playful, fun, challenging and very addictive at the same time. Now some of you might not know how to tease properly, so I’d recommend you learn immediately. The best way being by reading the book Double Your Dating by David Deangelo, he describe exactly how to tease girls properly in a way that will build massive attraction.

If you want to learn how to make a girl want you, look at how women make guys want them. They dress up in attractive clothing, move in sensual ways, ignore guys, allude to your imagination and act aloof. Attraction is subtle, and girls seem to master the art. My best advice would be to befriend an attractive girl and pay attention to what attracts you to her.