Every Man Should Know: How To Make Beautiful Women Fall For You

When it comes to attraction, us guys are very physical. We go straight for looks, so most of us automatically react in the following fashion when we see an exceptionally beautiful woman: “She’s so ravishing. I’ve got to have her!”

Tell you what: bad move.

There are ways of making pretty girls fall for you, but they all involve letting go of this mindset. Just because a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean she’s intelligent, funny, charismatic, ambitious – in short: truly attractive. So here’s your lesson for today: get her off the pedestal and treat her as a human being.

Beautiful Women Like Strong Men

Why is it that so many guys turn into nervously fidgeting, asexual jellyfish when it comes to approaching hotties and keeping them engaged?

It’s as if beauty lifted women above the spheres of mere humanity and turned them into some kind of fairy tale princesses that can only be touched with satin gloves. I’ll tell you a secret: they’re still regular human beings made of flesh and blood. It’s true though that being beautiful will change a woman’s perception of the world and, thus, her personality: from her teenage years, she’ll get used to men bending to her every wish, and she’ll learn to use her beauty to her advantage whenever she pleases.


She’ll also get bored out of her mind. In fact, the nice, friendly wusses will eventually annoy the heck out of her, especially when they try to hide that they like her looks. Soon enough, she’ll long for a real male, a big bad ballsy hunk of man-flesh to treat her with some real masculinity. One who’ll give her a poignant teaser conversation and then say “You’re sexy and I like your sense of humour, we should go out. I have time on Monday” instead of talking to her forever and then choking on “I hope you don’t mind my asking, but would you mind awfully if I bought you dinner some time?”

This is where you should come in.

Alpha Male

If you want to take things anywhere with a beautiful woman, get your head out of your butt right now and act like the alpha male you’re supposed to be. Here’s a couple of tools for that:

1. Realize that there is variety. She isn’t the only beautiful woman around, and you are aware that there are other options. If you shift your mindset from “oh dear, I hope she’ll like me” to “let’s see if she has enough to offer so I’ll like her”, the woman will realize that you’re not an easy catch.

2. Show her that you’re not going to give in to her games and bitching. You have your own life and perspective, you’re in control of that and you’re gonna take things in your direction. Show her that you know what you want and you’re going to get it. If she doesn’t want to go along, it’s her loss.

3. Be funny, but don’t seek to amuse her. Amuse yourself! Before you go meet a girl, get yourself into a fun mood, e.g. watch one of your favourite comedies (40 Year Old Virgin is awesome). When you interact with her, always laugh inside. Think of funny ways to interpret what’s happening, or funny things to say: “Hey, you have something in your face.” – “Oh, really?” (wait for her to fidget around in her face) “Yeah. It’s your nose.”

4. Tease her. Be just a little too sure about yourself, just a tad arrogant! “We shouldn’t become lovers. I don’t think you could take me.” But always keep it on a playful note or else you’ll tick her off. For instance, stop in front of a mirror, call her over and say: “Hey, did you see the awesome pictures they have here?” If you show her that you know you’re attractive (and you are, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise), she’ll pick up on it. She’ll be attracted.

These are just some examples. Lastly, note that I’m not advertising treating a woman badly here. You still have to respect her as the beautiful being she is, respect her ideas, wishes and desires, and make her feel good about herself. You want her to be comfortable around you. Be positive, affirmative and funny, but show that you have direction and purpose, and that you’re not going to hand her your balls on a silver platter. Once you have your confidence together, attracting beautiful women into your life will be a much easier accomplishment.