Tricks For How To Pick Up A Girl In Class

The bell rings and you walk into class. You look around at all the beautiful girls around you, in front of you, beside you, and you begin to think… “If only I knew how to pick up a girl in my class…”

Picking up girls in school is not harder than picking up girls elsewhere. In fact, in many ways it can be much, much easier. You are exchanging the high intensity and craziness of clubs and the awkwardness of approaching complete strangers out of the blue for an environment where, should you play your cards right, you can pick up a girl in a seemingly natural method.

Advantage of Time

College game is essentially following the rules of a normal pick up, except that your techniques are far more effective. Compare starting conversation a girl in class with starting a conversation with a girl on the street or at the bus stop. What do you have to talk to a girl at a bus stop? Hopefully a lot, as you are trying to pick her up nonetheless, but how can you transition into what you want to talk about in a seemingly natural way? It is definitely doable but much harder than it need be. Compare that to the following:

“Hey, can I borrow a pen?”
“Um… sure.”
“Awesome! Thanks… what’s up?” (transition into your topic)
People are looking to make friends in their classes, especially during the beginning of the semester when no one really knows anyone in the class and everyone is still getting their bearings. By being the friendly, sociable guy in class, you are greatly increasing your chances of picking up.

Instant Dates

Everyone’s tired of work after class. This is the perfect time to go on an insta-date. If you feel you’ve built enough of a connection with a girl during a couple of classes, try and switch locations to somewhere where you can communicate freely. By moving to a new location and spending time with them there, you will also be creating the feeling in her that you guys have known each other for much longer than you actually have.

A leader

One thing that will help you pick up girls in the long term is your role as a leader. Women want to be with the guy who is confident around others and self assured. Simply making an effort to get to know people in your class will attract attention to yourself, and women will find it very attractive if you can prove yourself to be capable of leading interactions with others, be it with males or females. In fact, it doesn’t matter what the group you are with is like – if you can prove yourself to be the natural “Alpha Male” of the group, women will be attracted to you.

Picking up girls in the classroom is not harder than picking up girls elsewhere – on the contrary, it is often a lot easier. With the confidence to begin and lead interactions, women will notice you and become attracted to you. The opportunities to pick up are far more abundant in class than anywhere else and in fact, you might just run the risk of becoming addicted to classroom game, thanks to the ease with which you can apply it.