The Effects of Pickup on Men

Over the last four years, the entire seduction industry and pickup in general has become increasingly mainstream. Reality shows have popped up that revolve around attracting women and a slew of attention has fallen on the seduction community, even going so far as to have an entire segment on Doctor Phil dedicated to it. Most importantly, people everywhere now have easy access to the knowledge on how they can transform themselves into a pickup artist.

The question is, has this widespread attention on the seduction community been beneficial to us as individuals or has it been detrimental to us?

A new Era For Men

There are certainly many things for us to appreciate in becoming a pickup artist. In no other time have men had such a concrete set of guidelines on how they can meet and attract the women they want. A few hours on the internet immediately gives men a basic skill-set which they can use at almost any time. It may not be the magic bullet that most of them seek but there is no doubt that the small changes that most of the seduction community advocates has an enormous transformative effect on these men.

Complete Transformations

Not only do men know what they can do to transform themselves, the seduction community has also helped men reinvent entire lifestyles and improve their general level of happiness overall. Pickup does not simply advocate improvements to a person’s outer game but also to their inner game. With the change of perspective that this offers men, using techniques which have had medical applications such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Spirituality, people everywhere find themselves completely changed, with a far higher level of confidence, comfort in their surroundings and a more optimistic outlook on their lives.


Pickup has also given men the confidence to pursue other passions that they might have been too wary to chase earlier. One of the largest obstacles that a man has to face is his ability to attract women. Once that barrier is overcome, men quickly see how other seemingly insurmountable goals are now actually viable ideas, once proper dedication has been given to them. This new drive has sent millions of people shooting to success in their careers, their hobbies and their families.

Trial and Error, a thing of the past?

Of course, with every positive change that comes from something, there are also negative changes. Nowadays, men have lost what can only be called their natural game. Before the popularity of pickup, men were forced to go into the clubs and learn through trial and error how they could pick up women. This led to the birth of creativity in men, forcing them to think on their toes and see the game for what it is. Nowadays, not many people go out and try new techniques in the club, preferring instead to use the stock lines and routines they pick up from the internet. Many men are nothing more than keyboard jockeys, simply discussing pickup theory online instead of using this acquired knowledge out in the field. Without the courage that comes only from experience, many of the lines will fail to be effective, yet the majority of men who enter the seduction community fail to realize this.

Men who actually go out and apply the principles they read of may face another trap – that of disillusionment. Many a man has lost faith in both love and marriage once they acquire the skills the necessary to attract women and understand why this happens. They begin to feel that love is nothing more than chemicals and that all women are slaves to their emotions, unable to resist a man with the ability to sweep them off their feet, regardless of whether they are single or not. This is truly a danger that has appeared solely out of the presence of the knowledge. Because any man now has the ability to generate a magical, romantic moment, the magic and the romance of such a moment is lost on them. This is one problem that a man will have to come to terms to by himself.

Social Robots

Another danger that men face due to the proliferation of such knowledge is the rush of power they may feel when they see just how effective their skills can become. Such men run the risk of becoming social robots, incapable of having an interaction with a women without attempting to attract them or “run game” on them. Although their social skills are highly calibrated, the feeling of needing to win all the time will inevitably lead to a pervasive feeling of unhappiness due to the impossibility of winning over every single woman you meet.

The rise of the seduction industry has certainly been filled with controversy. Few people can see beyond what they believe to be the manipulation of women for sex. However, for men all across the world, pickup has drastically changed their lives. It has given them confidence, creativity and even social skills that they once lacked. Has the seduction industry done more good than harm? I believe it has; the men who are strong enough to take the good while not giving in to the bad will know just how much they have learnt from it. Without the attention that it gets today, far fewer men would know what to do when they meet a woman and the world would be filled with unhappy men and just as many women who wish for better men. It is true that there is a negative side to such knowledge being so easily available but ultimately, the seduction community has given far more to men than it has taken from them.