The Key To Approaching Women: Enthusiasm

I have to admit, I wasn’t even planning to attract any girls on that day. But I suppose after you learn about women and seduction long enough, and practice it, it just comes naturally. It was a cold Saturday, and I was at an American airport, about to fly back to Canada. I was checking my baggage and making random conversation with the dude next to me when a lovely young brunette walked up next to us. She ran her credit card through the check-in machine and then dropped it on the floor.

“Thank you!”, I said joyfully before I picked it up and handed it back to her.

The three of us laughed, and the guy chimed in: “Guess drinks are on her today!” He was right. She bought me a drink later. Lesson learned: Be in a good mood when approach women!

Many ways of doing the same thing

You see, I’m sure that many people would have done the same thing I did in that situation: picking up her card for her is a matter of courtesy and politeness. But doing it with a bit of cockiness, with fun, helps a lot! The classic male reaction would have been to either say nothing, or “here you go”, while handing it back. She would have forgotten about you the second she turned her back. She did not forget about me, though. I was lucky enough to be on the same flight with her, and when I arrived at the gate, it was only logical to find her and sit next to her. I walked straight up, asked her to take her stuff off the seat next to her and sat down.


Try a smile in the mirror

You know, it’s funny. A smile seems so effortless, you may wonder what difference it can really make. We’re talking about moving a couple of facial muscles, what, a centimeter? I still catch myself wondering how it can have such an impact on others, when I don’t even feel much different (anymore) whether I smile or not. But when I talked to that girl at the airport again, it was with a coy smile and boy did it make a difference. “So, you still got your credit card?”, I asked – casually, while putting my bracelet back on, that I had to take off at the security gates. She laughed again. “Yeah…”

Next time you stand in front of a mirror, ask yourself what is awesome about you. Then smile at yourself. Not a pathetic, subservient “please appreciate me” smile, but a smile that says: “Damn this is cool, life is awesome and you, my dear, look hot.”

Have fun with the girl!

From there, I went into a normal conversation with that girl. What she was up to. Where she was heading. Feeding off her responses, staying with what she was saying. At the same time, in my head, I pictured myself as a cool guy talking to a fun person. Believe me, that’s something I had to practice for a long while before I actually had it down! In the past, I used to picture myself as a common peasant, having stumbled upon the unique opportunity to talk to an unattainable princess. No, man. Not helping.

These days, the girl’s my buddy. I assume she’s cool, fun, and I talk to her that way. I didn’t get to sit next to airport girl on the plane, but when we reached our destination, we had some time to wait for our connecting flights. Guess who bought me a drink then.

They’re there to have fun with

The universe puts girls into your way all the time – they sit next to you on the bus, they stand in line with you at the supermarket, they hang out on the lawn of your college campus. Learn to relax and change your perspective: these are normal people, not angelic princess aliens. And what’s more, there’s a good chance they’re fun! Think of your fun buddies. How do you talk to them? You’ll easily find something to open a lovely girl with: a ring she’s wearing, the colour of her hair (does it match her eyebrows? If not, it’s probably dyed), a piercing. Now, you’re a sociable guy. You want to make conversation. Pass the time. Be friendly. So be enthusiastic when you approach women – they’ll thank you for it, and before you know it, there’s another number in your cell phone.