A Million Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

If you’re like most guys, then it’s likely you’re at a point where you’ve run out of new and exciting things to do with your girlfriend. You can only watch so many movies per week in a relationship, and if that number is already above 2 then I’d suggest switching it up a little. After all, diversity and spontaneity are highly sought after in today’s world!

The trick in finding things to do with your significant other is to figure out what you want to do first. Once you know what you feel like doing, figure out a way to share the fun with her. That way, you both enjoy your time together. Don’t get into the trap of doing things with your girlfriend just so it will make her happy, because ultimately, when you don’t truly enjoy yourself, she will feel it. For example, don’t suggest going to an art museum just because you think she’ll enjoy it… you’ll be bored and consequently, she’ll have a miserable time as well.

Enjoy a little TV? Then do it!

It’s not about doing what you think is good… but doing what you both really enjoy. So if that ends up staying at home, cooking a nice meal and watching a few television shows, then that’s what you should do! There are tons of television shows you can download and you can find affordable promotional offers for Time Warner Cable bundles all over the place!


Instead, find activities you personally like to do and then make your girlfriend a part of it. (See building an attractive lifestyle) For example, if you like skiing, then set up a time to go skiing with her (and if she doesn’t ski, then teach her!). This way, you’ll enjoy yourself and consequently, she will as well. Remember, she’s dating you because she wants to be part of your life… if she just wanted to watch romantic movies and go shopping, she’d simply go with her girlfriends.

Share Experiences Together

If you like gaming, then show her how to play your favorite game.
If you like going out to eat, then find a new restaurant to try out with her.
If you enjoy site seeing, then go out and discover new parts of your city.
If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then you could try urban exploration.
If you enjoy climbing, then bring her indoor rock climbing.

What Do You Like?

The list goes on, but it always starts with you. Figure out what you enjoy and then go from there.
If you’re really out of ideas and need a little inspiration, here are my personal favorites.

1. Cooking together, making an entire meal is not only delicious, but it’s a really fun thing to do with your girlfriend.
2. Massages, it seriously doesn’t get better than this. If you haven’t had at least 2 massages today, then you might need another one. Don’t be afraid to use massage oils as well, they are great! (Warning, you’ll miss these when she leaves on long trips!)
3. Ice skating & Rollerblading, depending on the temperature, these are great activities to get your hearth pumping.
4. Adventurous hikes, I love getting fresh air and going out on small hikes is one of the most refreshing things you can do.
5. Seeing a live show, there’s something about shows that just puts me in a good mood. Shows are meant to be seen with other people.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for new and exciting things to do with your girlfriend, then just figure out what you really feel like doing and then do it with her. Post your favorite activities for couples in the comments!