When You See Women For Who They Really Are, They’ll Let You Into Their Lives

As we sit here reading about how to improve our life, specifically be attracting women into them… I would like to ask you one thing: What do you consider a woman? I’ll take it one step further and ask, what are the main non-physical differences between men and women?

After all, the more we understand what we’re after, the easier it should be to get it. Of course, that’s the first fallacy, you don’t “get” a women. Instead, you simply meet, interact and enjoy their company. But now, I’m getting ahead of myself already… let’s look at the typical response of what a women represent.

The idealistic responses

Here are some perfume-commercial type of answers. A woman is wild and free spirit, the goddess of life and love and lust. She is untamed, unbound, pure beauty and emotion. A woman is a human female. A woman is care, laughter, joy and life.

beautiful girl smiling

In all fairness, all of these trite lines have their merit. But do these help you in your quest to become a great lover? Hardly, if I may say so. Let’s try another approach: one that I like to call “awareness”.

Perspective from Overgrown boys

Go out to a bar or club, any place you traditionally find beautiful women, and any night of the week, you will find your run-of-the-mill “cool guys”. They stand around with their beer in their hands and go: “Dude, did you see that chick’s boobs?”, “I’d totally hit that ass”, “That one is hot, I’d give her an 8 out of 10”.

Then, they stand around some more, and then they sit down, and then they get up again, and then they go home and cry into their pillows. Either that, or they get completely wasted, then stumble up to the chick they’ve been eyeing for hours and say: “You’re… to—lllly hot mama.”

Back to your childhood

I don’t think these guys know what a woman is. And I don’t think they ever really wondered, either. To be completely blunt, I think they are a bunch of little boys with pubes.

Let’s go back to times when things were less complicated and more innocent for all of us. Just you and me. Ready?

You’re 6 years old, hanging out with your buddies in the school yard, being tough. Girls are stupid and silly. They jump around on chalk squares, holding hands and singing silly rhymes. They dress up like little stupid princesses and play with dolls and skip ropes. Stupid girls.

But inside you, there’s that inexplicable voice, that feeling, that draws you to them. You better hide that because your buddies are cool and tough, and you need to be cool and tough too. And play with cars and guns and laugh. Loudly, because that’s cool. And because you hope the girls will notice. No, hang on, forget that last part. Only because it’s cool. Stupid annoying girls.

Now it’s 8 years later: you’re 14 and suddenly, girls are still stupid, but damn it, they’re growing boobs and sweet asses, and your hormones tell you that these boobs and asses are really cool. And all your cool and tough friends agree. Girls have cool boobs and asses!

Yeah. So… Uh… Yeah! Totally! Let’s, uh, smoke cigarettes and drink beer and laugh loudly, because that’s cool too.

The stupid boy

And ever since pre-school, there was that stupid boy who’s always annoyed the hell outta you. He was into cars and guns, just like you, but he also spent all this time talking to the stupid girls, and laughing with them and even PLAYING with them! He was so gay. What a moron.

Well no kidding. You’re 14 and no girl cares for you while it seems like that stupid bastard will get to touch some of those boobs and asses any time now. Stupid girls. Stupid boy.


If you recognize some or all of the above, I have two things to say to you, my friend.

1. Sorry for hitting so close to home, must hurt.
2. It’s not too late to open your eyes!

You see, if you’d cared for these little stupid girls right away, you’d have an easy time with them today! This is how “natural seducers” are so successful. They don’t have any secret key, they just exposed themselves to the female heart, mind and soul from early childhood on. Once hormones came into play, it all fit together like puzzle pieces. They just needed to add touch.

Why did those girls play with dolls? Could they be warm and caring? Why did they skip ropes and jump around together? Do they love to share? And what’s with all the dressing up? Do they care about being beautiful?

Yes. Yes, these are all attributes of the feminine in the human soul. Care, warmth, beauty, love, laughter, these are things that make girls – and women – tick.

Once you start watching, listening and talking, you will find many more answers for the question “What’s a woman?” in no time. And believe me, the more you glimpse of the female soul, the easier it will be for you to connect with and attract women.